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Versace Sunglasses - Useful Information About Versace Sunglasses
By Anton Kal

A name that says luxury and a brand that provides. Versace sunglasses are a part of the Versace Collection and other lines of the Versace Company geared towards a younger age group. An Italian company founded in Milan in 1978, Versace has since expanded into two segments of the market, one high end and the second geared towards the youth market and it includes the Versace Collection, Versace Sport, Versace Jeans Couture and Versus Brands. There are 81 free standing boutiques with these lines around the world and 123 name brand corners in department stores around the world.

Eyeglasses by Versace are mini statements of Gianni Versace's artistic style. Cutting edge, luxurious with bold Mediterranean influences. Many of Versace's designs have been risqué with barely there dresses and see through tops being paraded around on the red carpet by Hollywood elite.

Versace favors sunglasses with a lighter lens, often making use of color gradation to create a lens with darker shade towards the top and lighter shading at the bottom of the lens. This is ideal for conditions when the sun is directly overhead, but also makes a unique marker for the Versace brand.

Most Versace sunglasses come with oversized lenses too. Those that feature a standard lens size curve to fit the face or are set at a jaunty inverted angle. Their half size lenses come attached to bold boxy shaped frames that set one in mind of a high paid movie director on his set or the Italian business man schmoozing in Milan.

Colors in Versace sunglasses are darker or neutral, no bright shades here. Frames are popular in blacks, browns, grays and tans. The statement making model Versace 4103 comes in a range of frame colors all in those shades. One is a daring transparent purple for the adventurous woman with light purple to blue lenses. Purple is still a dark color as is fitting with Versace's style.

Color aside every frame from this sunglasses and fashion designer comes with a Versace symbol on the side of the temples. This consists of usually, the imprint of a Greek key, medusa or either the vertical gold or silver strip or an embossed horizontal name, Versace.

Sunglasses from Versace range in price from $150 to as much as $350 and maybe more depending on where you do you're shopping. You may find Versace in a New York Boutique or in the name brand corner of a major department store.

Though Gianni Versace, died 1997, is no longer around his family is dedicated to running and keeping the ideal alive. The company is currently one hundred percent family owned, with all major shares being split between three members of the family.

Designs are still created for each new season by a series of teams of designers and stylists who are dedicated to a specific fashion line or label. Every team also works under the close supervision of, Donatella Versace, sister to Gianni Versace, to ensure that the fashions carry the essence of Versace.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

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